Business Development & Strategy

Agile Thinking can help you identify clear business goals and develop plans for how to reach them. We help you understand your industry and how to be competitive and profitable.


We can help you with;

  • Industry and competitor analysis

  • Business and marketing plans

  • Market segmentation and planning

  • Project Valuation

Financial Markets Practice

At Agile Thinking we have specialists in financial services with a deep understanding of commercial banking, private equity, investment management and capital markets operations.


We have expertise in;

  • Front, middle and back office functions

  • Investment manager performance and fund operations

  • Asset allocation and trade execution costs

  • Basel, MIFID, Dodd-Frank and MySuper regulations


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Integrated Risk Management

Any opportunity comes with risks. Agile Thinking can help you unlock the hidden value in your business by understanding operational and financial risks. We break down silos of information delivering insights and commercial options.


We can help you with;

  • Board reporting and governance

  • Operational risk and compliance

  • Implementing firmwide risk frameworks

China and Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are the drivers of world growth. They present opportunities for organisations willing to understand the unique characteristics of each market. But each presents its own risks also.


We have expertise helping firms assess the commercial opportunities, characteristics and risks of China, India and south-east Asia.



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