Our Firm

"Luck is where preparation meets opportunity."
Seneca the Elder
Roman philosopher
At Agile Thinking we help firms identify, realise and amplify new opportunities. We consult to organisations helping them develop responsive, robust business practices and firmwide, integrated solutions.
Today's problems are complex. These are not simple financial problems or HR problems but often involve dependencies across the organisation. Existing business models are being called into question as a fast-moving global economy throws up new new competitors, new risks and new problems. But it creates opportunities as well.
At Agile Thinking we embrace uncertainty and help our partner firms to work through it. We help firms develop flexibility in their operations and management to survive and thrive, developing new opportunities and reducing their financial and operational risks.
Through our network of associated consultants we have expertise in;
  • China and Emerging Markets
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Health Care
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Change Management
  • Banking
  • Technology
At Agile Thinking, we combine a knowledge of current issues with deep analysis to deliver results that are solid, actionable and add value to your organisation.